Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Overcome Your Fear of Writing

Dear Valued Reader,

It's been quite a while since I wrote my last post and I think its time I got my creative juices flowing again, by writing, therein lies the problem, I have not been writing.

What I have been doing is a lot of research which involves a lot of reading. I love to read, its one of my passions but you know what they say about passion, it can sometimes lead you down the wrong road if you do not control it. So here I am, writing instead of reading. The thing about writing is that it can become monotonous so it is sometimes good to talk to your friends and colleagues about your writing, or your desire to become a writer.

Therein lies my first advice to you to overcome your fear of writing.
Share your passion with your friends and peers that you want to become a writer or that you are currently writing. Some may not even believe you, some may encourage you and some may redicule you. The point is that you are subconciously imprinting to your inner self that you are a writer. Not that you want to become a writer but you ARE a writer. This only helps to reinforce your resolve and help to develop the right mindset.

It does not matter if the people around you don't believe you, the point is you must believe and act in a manner that is congruent with your belief.

The next thing to do is to just start writing, write everything that comes to your mind and do not stop to correct anything until your'e positively sure that you have nothing else to write based on the topic that you are writing about. Do not stop to make corrections because you will stem the flow of ideas if you do that. As I write this post I am doing exactly what I wrote about above (I practice what I preach :)

After you have written all that you feel deep within is everything you need to write to state your case, then its time to edit your work, and if your writing is as bad as mine, you will have a lot of editing to do, but never mind, practice makes perfect so edit away. You will be glad you did when you realise the amount of mispelling that you wrote earlier and I am sure you do not want your readers to see so many mispelled words in your writing, it looks unprofessional, wouldn't you agree?

Next, you should double check your work again and go through the entire post from top to bottom with a fine tooth comb (so to speak), you might just find one or two words or phrases that are mispelled or out of context that need to be corrected.

Well that's my two cents for today, I hope you found it to be informative and somewhat educational, I had fun writing it because it reminds me of what I was missing. Writing is fun and very rewarding on a deeper level and if you have any innner itching to become a writer, my advice to you is to just start writing, ok, that's it for today.

What are you doing here still reading my writing?

Go and start your own writing, that's an order.


Dean Wong.

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