Acquiring The Knowledge

I have heard a phrase said many times, "seven brothers, seven different minds." It is a fact because each of those seven brothers do have a different mind, different thoughts, thought patterns, characteristics and a different fingerprint. Such is the nature of the human being. But there is one thing that can be found as a commonality in all men including those seven brothers, and that is an innate desire to be a success.

Now it does not matter what the object of their desire is that they want to be a success at, what's important is the presence of the desire and that is the common thread found in all mankind.

Sadly though, only a very few men and women discover the secrets that propell one to their heart's desire. Some men discover it by accident, while others stumble upon them after certain tragic circumstances. Others are fortunate to be mentored by men who select them based on characteristics observed by the mentor. It is a good thing to have a mentor.

Throughout the ages mankind has been searching to find himself and his true purpose on this planet. The Bible tells us that mankind was created to have dominion over all creatures on the earth, in the air and under the sea. The truth is that most men will never be able to have dominion over anything because they have not learned how to conquer the "self". When we learn to conquer self, then we are ready to have dominion over others. It is as simple as that.

Most men will never learn how to conquer "self" because they do not have the desire to do so. They prefer to be ruled by thier emotions and five senses and are comfortable living a mediocre life or a sub-standard life, steeped in lack, limitation and remorse.

The 11 forgotten laws revealed will transform you from the village loser to the one looked upon in awe. Your peers, family,friends and those who always thought the worst of you, telling you you will not amount to anything will be dumb-founded. THe 12 men who walked with Christ were ordinary men chosen specificlly by him to illustrate to all, that a life transformed through the re-newing of the mind, is a wonderful and glorious thing to behold. He did not choose doctors, lawyers, the so-called "educated few" nor those who thought themselves the "cream of society" to prove his point. He chose ordinary men just like you and me.